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American Subcontractors Association


ASA advocates on behalf of subcontractors, specialty trade contractors, and suppliers.

Construction generates billions of dollars in revenues every year … and government generates countless regulations and legislation that complicate the business of construction.

ASA is your voice in Washington and your statehouses. Legislators and decision-makers hear ASA on issues that affect business conditions for all subcontractors and suppliers.

There is strength in numbers!

For over 50 years, ASA’s powerful voice in the construction industry has improved business conditions for subcontractors and suppliers.

As part of the ASA network, members’ opinions matter as you join thousands of like-minded business people fighting for Better Construction Through Fair Construction! ASA fights the big battles for you on issues such as prompt payment, retainage, standard contract language, bid shopping, insurance and more


The Coalition
Colorado Contractors Coalition

www.ColoradoContractors Coalition.com

The Coalition (Colorado Contractors Coalition) builds trust through collaboration. The Coalition is the place where contractors, specialty contractors, associate professionals come together to work on construction industry issues and concerns. Founded in 2016, the CCC influences state and local policy makers to support the improvement and betterment of the construction business community. The Coalition is composed of the legislative committees for the American Subcontractor’s Association of Colorado (ASAC), Colorado Roofing Association, (CRA) and Rocky Mountain Steel Contractors Association (RMSCA) who meet once a month (and more often as needed).  Major activities include the following:

  1. Draft, recruit bill sponsors and introduce construction related legislation at the CO state capitol.
  2. Retain lobbyists to forward legislation to support contractors’ initiatives.
  3. Review reports and meet with lobbyists on proposed legislation and candidates.
  4. Review proposed legislation.
  5. Determine if CCC needs or should take a position.
  6. Develop an action plan to support or oppose legislation.
  7. Coordinate with ASAC, CRA, and RMSCA members to help members support or oppose legislation through the power of grassroots efforts to effect change.
  8. Monitor elections and candidates.
  9. Work proactively on positive changes in safety & environmental regulations, contract terms, and other issues.
  10. Participate in a larger industry coalition, focused on payment reform and construction industry issues.
  11. Provide financial contribution to state legislative candidates supported by CCC.

Building Jobs For Colorado


Building Jobs4Colorado coalition is broad coalition of construction design professionals, general contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub- contractors and owner organizations across Colorado. BJ4C members represent over 4,500 companies, including over 1,500 sub-contractors representing tens of thousands of Colorado citizens. BJ4C represents more than 90% of the Colorado construction industry.

Building Jobs4Colorado was founded in late 2008 in an effort to build a coalition around payment reform and construction industry issues. BJ4C is committed to working with industry stakeholders to preserve and build construction and design jobs in Colorado.

BJ4C has continued to develop to enhance awareness of the construction and design communities by: collaborating and taking positions on legislative issues and executing strategies, collaborating on candidate interviews, hosting an annual legislative reception, outreach and communications with the interested parties, stakeholders and partners.

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