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Return on Investment - Need a reason to join, here are ten of them:

  1. Support the construction industry
  2. Government advocacy
  3. Industry advocacy
  4. Networking and construction management
  5. Model contract documents
  6. Knowledge and information sharing
  7. Intellectual capital of subcontractors
  8. Education and Business Development
  9. Discounts on products and service
  10. Professional staff that works for you

Outcome based benefits – Five ways your business benefits from membership:

  1. Improve your company’s cash flow by speeding collections and reducing retainage and withholding.
  2. Stop absorbing risk you can’t control or insure. Business Practice Interchange | BPI - Members ONLY BPI  Information
  3. Improve your understanding of complex contract requirements and brush up on negotiating skills.
  4. Increase the visibility of your company so prospective customers can more easily find you.
  5. Ensure that the business relationships between you and your customers are positive.

Why Join

In this video blog, ASA Chief Operating Officer Richard Bright discusses the importance of good contracts and ASA's efforts to promote industry best practices.

In this video blog, ASA Chief Operating Officer Richard Bright discusses ASA's government and industry advocacy initiatives to improve the business environment for construction subcontractors.           

Subcontractor Legal Defense Fund 
In this video blog, ASA Chief Operating Officer Richard Bright discusses ASA's Subcontractors Legal Defense Fund, which supports ASA's critical legal activities in precedent-setting cases to protect the interests of all subcontractors.

ASA Member Only Resources FAQ

Info Hub – Pay Your Dues, Register for Webinars, Access Members-Only Documents and Much More!

Info Hub, your members-only section of the national ASA Web site allows you to view and register for events (such as webinars), access valuable members-only documents and resources, manage your membership renewal, discover special offers and much more!

Once you are on the website, www.asaonline.com, creating an account is as easy as 1-2-3!

Click “Member Resources,”
ClickMember Login button
Click “Create an Account.” (Your username is firstname.lastname)
Once you have created your account, you will land on the Info Hub “Home” page with a message from ASA. Using the Index on the left-hand side of the page, you can update your profile and other information under My Info.

Under Active Member Directory, you can view and connect with other ASA members. You can view these as Cards or view in a List, and you can sort by Name, City, State, Postal Code and/or Business Category using the Show Only drop-down menu. Under Resources, also viewable as Cards or in a List, you will access our robust library of members-only documents and resources. Use the Show Only drop-down menu to find exactly what you need, like ASAToday, The Contractor’s Compass, and of course, Bidding & Market Development, Contracts & Project Management, Insurance & Risk Management, Economic, Tax, & Regulatory, and Workforce & Professional Development resources. Fliers about our ASAdvantage affinity program participants are also located here, as well as videos-on-demand and other materials!

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