Mission Statement
Empower membership to comply with health & safety standards and best practices and assist in the successful creation of a supportive safety culture within their organizations

Vision Statement
To promote an enhanced safety culture within individuals and organizations that will foster  an elite standard for the Colorado construction industry as a whole.

2020 Health Safety Summit Information

Celebrate Safely This Holiday Season, Drink Responsibly 

2019 ASAC Excellence in Safety Awards Application 


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Accessing Safety Knowledge | ASK Sheets

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ASA ASK Sheet - Winter Holiday Safety in the Home

March 29, 2019 | Winter Series | Issue 3

Sub's Point of View - Crisis Management
Fitness Tip - Lower Back Pain | Lower Back Pain Workout
Accident Prevention - First Day on the Job
Business Feature - Safety Management
Risk Management - Independent Contractor

February 21, 2019 | Winter Series | Issue 2

Sub's Point of View
2018 Health & Safety Summit
Brain Injury from Falling Objects
Safety Perception Surveys
Put Your Team's Safety on Auto-Pilot
Fitness Tip - Rounded Shoulders
Wellness Tip - Flu Tips
Accident Prevention Winter Dehydrattion
Business Feature | Sexual Harassment
Risk Management, Preserving Intoxicaation Offsets in Work Comp Claims

JANUARY 19, 2019 | Winter Series | Issue 1

ASAC Health and Safety Self Assessment

Health and Safety Information & Resources
 Contractor Actually an Employee Under Workers' Comp Law?
Be Ready, Emergency Response Plan
by Monika Valentine, Executive Director, OccMed Colorado
Circle of Safety Walk
Barry Cole, President, Cole Preferred Safety Consulting, Inc.
Creating A Safety Culture
Safety Pays In More Ways Than One
Health & Safety Regulations, How In The World Can I Keep Up
Labeling Is Easy, Dig Deeper
Stop Horsing Around
Wellness Tip Bee Stings
Fall Protection, isn't just about keeping worker's from falling
Workplace Assaults: are they compensable work comp claims?
Wellness Tip Mosquito Bites

Sub's Point of View | DYSFUNCTIONAL Practices
Business Feature | OSHA Enforcement of the Silica Standard
Risk Management | Independent Contractor Under Governor's Microscope
Accident Prevention | Hot Weather
Fitness Tip | Resistance Training vs Cardio - Workout
Wellness Tip | Skin Cancer

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