Leadership Integrity

Impression, Influence, Inspire

One of the greatest responsibilities that a company owner has is to hire and retain the right people.  Owners are ALWAYS looking for a great leader.  The task of accepting and reviewing applications and interviewing is not easy.  I challenge you to first look at the characteristics of the applicant.  Ask for evidence of the characteristics that are a priority.  I believe that no single characteristic defines a leader more than integrity.  Integrity makes an impression, demonstrates influence and inspires personal value. Integrity is the power to transform.

Developing future leaders is the best guarantee of sustainable profitability. Mentoring and opportunity empower individuals to take on the responsibilities of leadership.

I approach you with a leadership opportunity, a chance to advance in your job.

You say, “I’m not a leader, I’m just a worker bee,” leaders never ask others to do something they would not do, they make an impression.

You say, “I’m not a leader, talk to my coworker, she is much better at her job,” leaders do not take credit, they give it, they influence the process.

You say, “I’m not a leader, look at me,” leaders do not see themselves; they see others, they inspire personal value.

Leadership is a creative process.  Given the right environment and a set of tools individuals make an impression, influence the process and inspire others.

The single greatest responsibility of a leader is not only motivating others to follow but inspiring them to become leaders.

Debra Scifo
April 2020

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