Meet Profit

Meet Profit

For all of the rich and good qualities of Profit, you need to know that Profit is a needy friend requiring effort and sacrifice. Are you looking for an introduction or a partnership, confidante and friend?  How much effort do you want to give to Profit, because this is a relationship that requires a balance of quantity and quality and the only thing you will get in return is a profit. Everything else you will have to do; Profit is a taker.  It is worth saying that Profit has an alter ego named Loss.

I share the opinion that it is important to have many friends, each friend is unique and provides something of value. Friends do not always agree with you or with each other. For example, Sales and Marketing or Production and Scheduling.   Each friend is different but share a relationship with Profit and when working together they are profitable.

I hope that I have you thinking and that you would like to meet Profit. ASAC knows Profit and other friends, Sales, Marketing, Scheduling, Production, Risk Management and so on. ASAC understands the relationship between Profit and the others in the room, and are committed to supporting the profitability of our investor members.

Why would a subcontractor not want an introduction to Profit by an organization that is well acquainted with Profit’s characteristics, qualities and friends? ASAC stands ready to introduce you to Profit!

Debra L. Scifo
March 2020


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