Most Days Are Not Overwhelmingly Successful Day

Most Days Are Not Overwhelmingly Successful

I’m sitting at my desk writing this on a Friday afternoon.  I’ve taken stock on what I have accomplished this week and what was pushed to the back burner and consequently is a priority for Monday.  I am reminded that our path to profitability is a daily exercise.  Whether profitability is reflected on the profit and loss or measured through accomplishments or new opportunities, most days are not overwhelmingly successful.

There is an excerpt from a speech, The Man in the Arena, by Theodore Roosevelt that echoes this realization.  He says that without effort there is no shortcoming.  He concludes with at the best we know the triumph of high achievement or if we fail, we have done so while daring greatly.  The reality is that with effort, there is victory and there is defeat.  Most days are not overwhelmingly successful.

On your way to profitability there will be setbacks, lessons learned.  That is when you engage with ASAC and put your investment in the Association to work.  What was the setback, the lesson learned and where are the resources and information that will ensure a profitable result? We all know and have been reminded to repeat an exercise that ended in failure is insanity.  Your investment in ASAC gives you the tools to succeed.

Theodore Roosevelt also remarks that only the man in the arena truly knows because he is the one who lends himself to a worthy cause, the one who knows the great devotions or commitments and who actually does the deeds that determine the outcome.   Your situation and opportunity are yours to own, let your investment partner ASAC weigh in and support your path to profitability.

Debra L. Scifo, Executive Director
February 2020

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